Courtney Warren (lilbutt) wrote,
Courtney Warren

here goes! Most boring post ever. Sorry.

Happy New Year!

I decided I have time to make a post since Derek is taking one of his VERY rare long naps. He'll probably wake up halfway through, of course.

Today my car swam with a school of other cars up El Camino. It was interesting. I tried to back up when I noticed the newly formed lake, but there were too many other cars inching up behind me so I had no choice. Fortunately my car made it through alright.

It's 2:40 but it seems like it's 6 or 7 at night already it's so dark. I am afraid to take the garbage out because I got soaked just running out to get my coffee out of the car this morning! Derek thinks the weather is entertaining, at least. It means we're stuck inside all day, which makes it more difficult to do fun things with Derek.

Gene and I are taking all of our DVDs out of their cases and consolidating them into large binders. Then we're going to store the cases in the basement. Our place is so small that having the entire house lined with shelves of DVDs isn't really working out for us anymore. Oh, I am wondering if any of my friends out there have my copy of Dead Alive or THe Usual Suspects? I think that I loaned them along with some other DVDs to someone a looooong time ago, but I don't remember who. Those are two of my favorites, so I'm hoping to get them back! I really want to create a nice environment for Derek to play and move around in, so we are also trying to get Purrl to move into the upstairs area of the house with Gene's parents so that we can re-claim and clean the room that she lives in.

Other peoples' buns

For some reason this reminded me of Zoidberg's "wah wah wah wah wah" ground rolling. If you know what I mean.

Derek loves the playground

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