Courtney Warren (lilbutt) wrote,
Courtney Warren

Oh, I still have this LJ, too!

I usually use my other LJ account, but when I was trying to remember how long I've had my account, I remembered, oh yeah, I have this account and it's been around for longer than the one I usually use. This one I've had since August 2000 when Adrian encouraged me to start a livejournal. A few months later, he died.

On a much, much, MUCH lighter note, I started this entry to comment on an entry that I made back in 2006. In 2006, Gene and I were living in Burlingame and we'd gone out to downtown San Mateo for a nice time. We stopped in at a Japanese store called Ichiban Kan and bought some powdered corn soup. So, this answers my question of the age of the corn soup in my cupboard. In 2013.
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