Courtney Warren (lilbutt) wrote,
Courtney Warren

fast food reviews

Being a pregnant lady, I am allowed to be a complete pig. The other day I really wanted a crispy chicken sandwich. I was appalled when I paid $4.89 + tax (rang up to over $5, faints) for my crispy chicken club sandwich. The sandwich wasn't even that great. It was pretty bland, a bit dry but with really tacky mayo and it was on oblong, yet not very long bread and seemed really small.

Today I got a spicy crispy chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box and it totally kicked McDonald's crispy chicken club's ass. It was $3.89 (I got it with cheese otherwise it's $3.59), round and seemed larger. The chicken was crispy and had flavor and a bit of spice, the lettuce was also crisp and the tomatoes were plump and red, the mayo and bun made for a nice moist sandwich.

The moral of the story is: if you must have fast food Chicken sandwich, skip McDonald's and go to Jack in the Box!

Not to mention Jack in the Box has good shakes...
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