Courtney Warren (lilbutt) wrote,
Courtney Warren

A shitty post: Thoughts on cats & motherhood

Disclaimer: Do not read if you're eating!

I screwed up and muttered "shit." Then it occurred to me that this was funny, because the reason I said it was because I actually had a big piece of shit on my thumb. Then I was grossed out and went to wash it off. Ahh, motherhood.

Yesterday at breakfast the cat hit an all-time low. While I was feeding Derek, the 20-year old cat had a drawn-out pooing session in the corner right behind Derek's high chair. Unfortunately, since this is where its owners allow it to do its business I felt pretty helpless to do anything about it! After several minutes of butt-quivering resulting in - well, I'll save the details for later - the cat waddled out in front of us and as it walked, its rear started pulsating again and it had full-body shivers until it had a diarrhea speckled pee on the floor. Then the cat walked back over behind Derek's chair and did loud wretching gurgling vomiting of mushy brown-yellow stuff three separate times. Sometime between the vomiting and the peeing, the cat also managed to take a big dump behind my chair.

Hurray for Derek sleeping out of my arms today! I must go take care of some things now.
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