Courtney Warren (lilbutt) wrote,
Courtney Warren


Gene and I just ordered this camera as our anniversary gift to each other We read a lot of reviews and looked at a lot of other cameras and for the price (we actually got it from a different site at a lower price) this one seems to be most what we are looking for and the best deal. It's just 1 megapixel more than our current camera but is much better quality and has a better lens with 15x optical zoom. Our current camera has decided it's not going to be able to tell whether the batteries have juice or not and is simply going to assume they are empty, and that it will have a 5-10 second delay on all photos, even with the fast memory card. We figure it is important to have a decent camera so that we can take lots of good pictures of the babers!

Here are some photos of Mr. Babers with our crappy camera.

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