Courtney Warren (lilbutt) wrote,
Courtney Warren

Poor Gene!

It's Gene's THIRTIETH (30!) birthday today and he's completely miserable. He's been up since 2:30a.m. with horrible nausea and is just now finally getting some sleep.

Derek also decided he would get up at 2:00a.m. and didn't really feel like going back to sleep. Then he decided to projectile vomit on the rug for some reason, but afterwards was completely smiling and happy. It seems like it must be related to what's going on with Gene, but Gene thinks that he has food poisoning so I don't really know.

Needless to say we are all pretty miserable running on very little sleep, and we don't get to do anything fun for Gene's birthday! At least Derek seems to be normal and happy today, and hasn't been running a fever or anything, though I'm still really confused by his vomiting. I am currently having a brief break while Joe is watching Derek.

Oh well...Happy Birthday Gene, my wonderful husband! I will try to make it as happy as possible!
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